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  William Skinner Celebrates 99 years surrounded

 by family and friends

     Visiting Weeping Mary is always like visiting with family. The 151 year old community, located west of Alto, Texas off highway twenty-one is populated by families, the Moores, Thackers, Greens, Parkers, Skinners and others whose family roots have helped to populate and keep Alto strong. The family atmosphere is created by those who are always willing to greet those who live outside the community, share community history, and more than likely food at whatever event.. William Skinner, a high spirited fellow of 99 years celebrated his birthday at home,  surrounded by family. He sat grinning and joking with visitors. Mr. Skinner was born July 27, 1927 in the Weeping Mary Community to his mother, Ellie Skinner and father, Floyd Skinner, Sr.. After his mom passed away His Dad remarried and eventually became the father of twenty-one children. William attended Weeping Mary School and church. When he was a young adult, families worked and went to church. He farmed, picked and chopped cotton. He farmed and worked for other people raising crops. He gave half of his money to his father and buried the rest. He said people didnít bank back then but kept their money safe by placing it in a tin can, and in the ground. William has personality, a happy spirit of a youngster.  Read entire story page 3 of the August 2016 Issue.


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