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Staff Sergeant Cleo Edward Craig

remembered on Memorial Day

  In April 1952 President Harry Truman signed the Japanese peace treaty granting Japan full sovereignty and officially ending World War II.  February of 1954 Leadbelly’s  famous folk songs were released on a four record set of 94 songs which included “Irene Goodnight” and “Jailhouse Blues.”  March of 1958, 23 year old singer Elvis Presley traded his rock-and-roll crown for a set of Army fatigues as he was drafted into the Army.  In April 1972 the Blenheim,  Germany Speedway was named “Craig Speedway” for Sergeant Cleo Edward Craig of Rusk, Texas.  There use to be a well known saying, ”Old soldiers never die.” That saying is still true. Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30th to commemorate those soldiers fallen  in war in service to our country.  Read more...


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