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Disparities in minority student disciplining a huge problem!

 by Maxine Session

 As a child, I spent lots of time questioning my elders about what life was like during their childhood days.  My maternal grandfather was (born in November 1888 and died 1974) and my dad born (Jessie March 1910 died 1973) I especially questioned.  My grandfather (O. B. Denman) who talked about everything from farming to ghost stories to pranks his children pulled when they were young, but never about the hardships he and his family had endured as a result of segregation and racism. My dadís family (Burley and Dupree) were part of the Slocum Massager of 1910. Some were murdered and all were run out of Slocum, losing family owned land, but he never volunteered information about it. I had to really pry to get anything out of him.  Many times in my life I have either written about or been asked questions about the difference between my generation and the children of today. The longer I live and the more I see of life, the harder it becomes to answer that question.  My generation, every aspect of our lives was limited by race. use to say children of today are free from boundaries that limit their future. I still say that to some extent, but Iím finding the longer I live and the more I learn that some adults who hold the future of todayís youth in their hands are using race and racism to limit their success now and for the future.  A recent report released by TEA on Disparities Among Minority Student Disciplining when the decision is in the hands of school administrators should be a wakeup call to

parents and everybody else. It makes  me want to question the moral conscience of those people and the ones who hire them. When youth are criminalized as high school students, how does this impact their education and their chance for future success? Children of today are outspoken, easily provoked and react immediately to any emotion stirred inside them.  Where do they find understanding and guidance , if not from the people they spend the most time with during a day other than their parents?  We test, test, test the kinds on every hand before they can earn a high school diploma.  Anybody who would hurt kids needs to have his or her head examined. It appears that psychological testing might need to be part of the application process for school administrator positions when they are considered for hire. Our family has a three month old, one due in June, two two-year olds, a three year old a five year old and others coming along in the near future, I hope. I am seriously concerned about their educational future with the mind set of some of these people running our schools. I wonder, do they know God?

Letters to the Editor

Mr. Session,

I have a question for your newspaper. The Gallatin Gopher Fest, which I enjoy as a resident, promotes itself as a ďfriendly family oriented event.Ē In East Texas terms that means no alcohol. However, every year a main focus is the re-enactors of the Civil War (Confederates) who periodically blast a cannon and sell pro confederate memorabilia.   As I understand it, Gallatin didnít exist as a community during the Civil War. As I understand it, beer drinking did. Iím confused about the notion that training the residents of Gallatin in the confederate ways is a friendly family affair. Wouldnít a chili cook-off as a fund raiser, ignoring that the cooks have beer, be even more family friendly?

Christine Harper Gallatin, Texas

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