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Informer Twelfth Anniversary Celebrated

by Maxine Session

May is always special to us. It is the month we celebrate the Informer anniversary. The past twelve years we have documented extensive history of African American people, events and communities in and around East Texas. We have provided an affordable source of advertisement for new and small businesses. Regularly I meet people who share their success story about an ad they have run.


You can pickup a magazine or newspaper anywhere and read about dignitaries, Hollywood Stars and famous people like Beonce, Joel Olstine or Oprah. How often can you pickup a book or a newspaper and read positive news about your neighbors or someone you know?






The Informer has documented true history through interviews published in more than one hundred thirty-seven cover stories.


These stories document history and successful accomplishments of those who are written about and to those who read them.


Thank you again to our advertisers, to those who take the time to share their ideas and opinions on issues.


Those of you who share your poetry, your recipes, birthday celebrations, weddings, family reunions and much much more with our readers, thank you! We encourage you to continue sending send your news, poetry, church announcements and especially your phone calls letting us know how much you enjoy reading what we print.

We look forward to printing another twelve years.

May god bless you all and "Happy Mothers Day to mothers everywhere!






"The real problem is not the bad guys, it is
that the good guys have gone to sleep."

Maynard Jackson




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