Remember to Vote

 by Maxine Session

   In just a few days the local and state elections will be over and everyone including candidates and elected officials, can get back to business as usual. Those of us who vote can cast our ballot as early as October 18th. With all the talk about the state of Texas facing a budget shortfall as great as 18 to 21 billion dollars, it makes a person sit up and listen. It also makes you wonder who will have to tighten belts and do without. I wonder how being without the necessary billions is going to affect us all.  Oh, well, the powers that be will probably raise our taxes again.  Meanwhile, we should probably focus on those things that fill our lives with joy and contentment.  Iím still amazed at once thinking when the kids graduated college and left the nest that there would be time to lounge around and read all the great books Iíve loaded the bookshelves with over the years.  Not so. Where does the time go?  Today I spoke with Betty Easley of Alto, November cover story, and in about two minutes she rattled off a list so long, it sounded like she was still employed fulltime. Anyway, enjoy this beautiful fall weather and try to find time to read a good book or take a nice long ride through the beautiful East Texas countryside.

 Letters to the Editor
When Bill White first announced for mayor of Houston, many thought he had no chance.  He was not handsome enough. He was too modest and too soft spoken. Most damaging Continued on left 

of all, he had a reputation for telling the truth.  But he did win, and he did continue to tell the truth.  He said he would bring order to Houstonís finances, and he did. He said he would co-ordinate the traffic flow in downtown, and he did. He said he would repair the infrastructure (even in long neglected neighborhoods), and he did. He said he would appoint both Republicans and Democrats to high positions and he did. He said he would represent all the people and he did. He took on the polluters. He went regularly into the toughest sections of town on a bicycle and got to know those who lived there. He and his wife Andrea (a real treasure to any community in her own right) often went to the homes of school dropouts, and got them to return to class - all this while making Houston a major player in the global community. Small wonder that he won every subsequent race by huge majorities. None of this surprised me, however, because I already knew a lot about Bill White before he entered politics. He and Andrea and I are in the same Sunday School class, a class he teaches regularly, and always brilliantly. He genuinely believes that every person is a child of God. That is why he is willing to listen to opposing points of view without being threatened. That is also why he used his considerable intellect and organizational skills to care for the scores of thousands of refugees who suddenly descended on Houston during hurricane Katrina and Rita. This moment of tragedy was likely Houstonís finest hour. Right now our state and our nation are in genuine peril. We are split asunder, unsure of ourselves, and losing our position in the world. Integrity seems to be a distant memory. Bill White is one of the very rare people currently in public life to understand that real leadership requires getting us to turn to one anther rather than against one another. He has proven that he can bring out the best in a community. We really need him.
Gene Decker

September 2010

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October 2010


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