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Billy “Hollywood” Groves of Crockett, is a well known figure in local Black History, touching many lives as the outspoken voice for equality.  A journalist, he has been a writer for African American News and Issues Houston, The Grapeland Messenger, About Time Magazine, Rochester, New York, Black Market Chicago, Illinois, Gibbs Magazine Oakland , California, Houston County Life, The Texas Informer Rusk, Texas and his own newspaper, Groves Standard Crockett, Texas.



God views humans as one group of His people; although we humans have chosen to divide and separate ourselves from other humans based on color, financial status or other criteria. The general pattern of differences is replicated in all God’s creations. Just as we have animals
and birds with different colors, we also have insects and water creatures with different colors. These color differences in no way impact the fact that they are all the same beneath the surface. God does not judge people or creatures of nature by color or skin. You see God is not a “small thinker” or a God with a problem of separating living beings based on something that doesn’t matter to nature. Likewise, the human race must change their thoughts on racism and division if they want to be successful in life and accepted by God. Remember, America did not grow into a great nation until slavery of Black people was abolished after the Civil War. Whenever you have a nation that seeks to destroy (Remember the Union ignored the south and it’s abuseof Black people untold years before it took action) based on the false concepts of  being superior to other people because of skin color or race, it has been shown over and over again that “that” nation will eventually be destroyed, simply because God is not a God that supports evil. Since the fall of the Roman Empire, the defeat of Adolf Hitler’s German Empire, the breakdown of Russia’s Soviet Union Allies and the defeat of other identifiable racist nations, it was evident, that when they went in the wrong direction in their treatment of other humans they all lot their power. I have seen people who respect God all over this planet and I have watched the growth and success of those nations who let God direct their journey. The human race coming together as one group of people could not only help our country and the planet, but could help our future as we explore our vast universe. As this article is being written, I’m seeing many people on this planet slowly coming together as one. That is why we are seeing so much world opposition toward Donald Trump and his divisive actions.

  We must go to the polls and vote him out of the White- house. I truly believe that God is real and there are millions of other people who know He is real. He is our leader and His standards must be upheld God Bless America

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