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by Billy "Hollywood" Groves

 Billy "Hollywood" Groves

 President Obama:  Star U. S. Quarterback

Our 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, is widely known
as a sports fan and a talented basketball player. His success thus far in his presidency has this journalist using a football analogy to sum up the job he is
doing. President Obama is an outstanding leader who continues to advance our march toward recovery on all fronts. He has not fumbled the ball and he has kept his attention on crossing the goal line and making us a great nation once again. The
football analogy is appropriate because it “speaks volumes” to the difficult, but effective, strategies President Obama has
utilized in maneuvering past his opponents to score decisive wins in domestic and foreign arenas.  One of the great attributes that President Obama and every great leader possesses, is “thick skin” or mental toughness.  He has not let criticism; disapproval of his policies; a drop in his popularity in the polls; and attacks from

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 the right wing political groups and individuals deter him from his duties.

I truly believe that hose who adamantly oppose the president and his policies could somehow look beyond their prejudices  and biases to really evaluate the facts surrounding the president’s policies, the facts would speak for themselves.  Being president of the United States requires leadership of the highest order. Like it or not, he is the quarterback of our national team. President Obama has to make decisions which he thinks are the best for America, despite the blocks he has faced from others, including some of his constituents.  His outstanding abilities and courage are why he was elected in 2008 to lead America back to the top after 8 years of the Bush administration’s
defeats. His leadership skills are why he has made, along with the necessary Congressional support, the hard choices needed to propel this country toward victory. While there are many who are cheering for President Obama, there are also many who are not his fans, to say
the lest. Untrue stories, allegations, unfounded personal attacks, character assassinations and outright lies are among the obstacles he has has to overcome. Often, insults have been thrown at the President with the velocity of footballs.  My gut feeling is that a look at the “stats” will do nothing for the true Obama haters, but further confuse them. Ultimately, history will need to ensure his place in its presidential hall of fame.
To sum it up, if your favorite NFL team was on a losing streak, would you have a problem with the color of politics of the quarterback who showed up and leads them to the playoffs and a shot at the Super Bowl? God bless America, Africa and the rest of the world.  Until next time ~ Billy “Hollywood” Groves


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