Bill White candidate for governor makes Rusk stop

L. to R. Oliver Sturns, Walter Session, Dr. Richard Hackney (State Representative Candidate for District 11), Bill White former Houston Mayor and candidate for Texas Governor, Jerry Leviston, Sam O’Neal, John Griffith and Frenchie Henderson. Bill White makes campaign stop at Rusk ‘s Mt. Pleasant church and county courthouse along with Jacksonville stop. (See story page 3 in August Issue of Texas Informer.)


President Barack Obama used Labor Day as an opportunity to unveil a new $50 billion plan to create jobs and bolster the economy. The plan revolves around boosting the nation’s infrastructure to expand roads, railways and runways. 


During his speech, the president also took the opportunity to criticize Republicans for turning down many of his measures.


He joked that their slogan is “no we can’t,” and said that they are talking about him “like a dog".  The president said that his goal is to rebuild 150,000 miles of roads, 4,000 miles of rail and 150 miles of runways. He said that he’d like his rail system to go coast-to-coast. He also wants to invest in a strong high speed rail system similar to that which they have in Europe and China. The primary objective of Obama’s new plan is to create jobs.  This has been a pounding frustration for the administration since Obama was elected. The recent jobs numbers showed a slight increase in unemployment to 9.6 percent, skyrocketing to 15.6 percent. All of these issues matter to the president, especially with midterm elections coming soon.
One additional challenge for the president as he works to spend us out of our misery is that Republicans are attacking him on the deficit. Perhaps because they are having trouble finding other talking points.


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