Disparity among minority student  disciplining says TEA Report


Austin- Black students in Texas are much more likely to be kicked out of their regular classrooms than children of other races when the decision is left up to school administrators, according to state data from the last three years.  Texas Education Agency data shows that black student referrals to  “disciplinary alternative education programs” were twice the rate of those for Hispanic students and three times the rate for white students for incidents not serious enough to warrant automatic removal.  Julie Harris-Lawrence, TEA’s deputy associate commissioner of student affairs and educator performance, said the disparity “is a concern”. Parents can usually appeal the punishment, but some have found it to be a battle.  Below are numbers for two East Texas School districts:


Tyler ISD 2009-2010

African American: 165
Hispanic: 59
White: 42

Longview ISD 2009-2010

African American: 94
Hispanic: 24

White:  Less than 5


From an interview with CBS 19:  "I think it's really important that parents and community members look at information in these kind of data and reports and become part of the solution for their districts. The only way to do that is to put the information out there, show parents how to get it, and then let them ask how can we help," said Julie Harris-Lawrence, TEA deputy associate commissioner of students affairs and educator performance.

Parents, Court and Administrators of Rusk ISD determine the future for students and programs.  Parents win injunction against Rusk ISD.

Rusk ISD administration named in the lawsuit were Rusk ISD, Superintendent James Largent, High School Principal Scott Schwartz and assistant principal Jason Wilcox.  Judge Diane V. Devasto ruled Thursday, March 27, 2011 that three Rusk High School students will not have to finish out the school year in a district's alternative school.  DeVasto proposed a trial date of June 13 be set, not yet confirmed.


Future Farmers of America program at Rusk High School post the above banner along FM 343. On February 17 twenty seven students from Rusk attended a convention of Future Farmers of America in  San Antonio, Texas. Subsequent disciplinary action by the administration against seventeen of these students has now taken the trip and the program to court. More to come.   

 Reunion for Booker T. Washington Former Alto School set June 17, 18, 19.

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