Confederate Flag Flown and Removed from Anderson County, Texas Courthouse


African Americans protest silently, turning their backs when Confederate flag was raised beneath the American and Texas Flags over the Anderson County, Texas courthouse.

Palestine, TX. - Friday morning April 1, 2011 the Confederate Flag was raised over the Anderson County Courthouse in Palestine, Texas only to be removed a few days later, after causing controversy and racial tension.
The Sons of the Confederate Veterans John H. Reagan Camp #2156 and United Daughters of the Confederacy Davis-Reagan Chapter #2292 raising of the flag came with all the ceremony, pomp and circumstance of the United States Flag or the Texas Flag. Yet, employees of the County, many right inside the courthouse, and other important Palestine officials stayed away. Members of the local NAACP stood silently by carrying signs that read “Protest” while a sheriff patrol stood watch around the ceremony area and courthouse square.  Anderson County Commissioner’s voted 3 - 2 at their March 28th Meeting for approval of honoring Confederate Soldier’s during the month of April at the request of Ronnie Hatfield and group of the Sons of the Confederate.   Commissioners  Rashad Mims and Kenneth Dickson voted against the request and Commissioners Joe Chaffin, Joe Hill


and Robert Johnson voting for approval.

Members of the Confederate groups say honoring the Confederate soldiers and flying the flag is not about racism but honoring the men who fought in the Civil War.  War veteran, Kenneth Davidson, president of the local NAACP led a group that turned their backs in protest when the flag was raised. “I could not do it. I could not do it, Davidson Said, referring to turning his back as the controversial flag was raised. “I have no problem with them celebrating their history, but what I do have a problem with is them flying that flag over our county courthouse. I fought for the U. S. Flag. I do not honor that flag that is a symbol of pain and suffering inflicted on our race of people as they were slaved, hanged, raped and made to live in poverty and degradation.”

The Mayor of Palestine called  for an emergency meeting the following Monday for the purpose of passing a resolution asking the county to remove the flag.  The flag was removed by the chapter of the sons of Confederate Veterans on Monday night just as the Palestine City Council was meeting to call for its removal. Entire story.

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